Disgusting first half performance from the Bears, and I saw nothing to make me believe the Bears will come back from a 14-3 deficit to win this game.

The one thing to look forward to is the second half kickoff — which, if I were Mason Crosby, I’d kick it out of bounds again and make the Bears try to move the ball from the 40-yard line. Danieal Manning’s threat to return the kickoff to the house is the only ray of hope.

We’ve seen nothing from Kyle Orton. Nothing from Matt Forte, and that’s because we’ve seen nothing from the offensive line. Nothing from any of the receivers — is that a surprise? And we’ve seen nothing from the defensive line. The only thing the Bears did well in the first half was defend the run — save for the 17-yard Ryan Grant touchdown catch-and-run in which Craig Steltz, who was filling in for an injured Mike Brown, got run over by Grant.

Ever the optimist, my glass is now half empty. In fact, it is empty. I am on record as saying I do not believe for one second the Bears will come back and win this game. They’re technically two possessions out of the game, and from what we’ve seen out of this offense — forget about it.

If the Bears do come back to win this game, I’ll eat my words with pleasure. Fortunately, I’m not very hungry because I don’t expect to be chewing on anything after this game.

I’m disgusted and embarrassed as a Bears fan right now that they’re getting trounced by the Packers yet again in the same season. As the guys on ESPN said, everything was laid out nicely for the Bears yesterday with playoff scenarios falling squarely into their lap. And this is what the Bears do with it?

Awful. Pathetic. Simply indescribable.