Bears-Packers postgame thoughts

I had a scalding post in the process of being written after Adrian Peterson’s personal foul on the ensuing kickoff following Matt Forte’s game-tying touchdown. Because the fact is, the Bears played like garbage the first half and still struggled a bit in the second half, and not once did I expect a blocked field goal and overtime.

But, somebody pass the ketchup. I said I’d eat my words if the Bears came back and won, and even though it wasn’t pretty, they found a way to get it done and are still alive for the division title and the playoffs.

What bothers me is how flat the Bears came out in the first half. I don’t care if the last time they played was 11 days ago. This game was, for all intents and purposes, a playoff game. It was a lose-or-go-home game on national TV. That’s what a playoff game is, essentially. When you’re playing at home in that situation, I don’t care if you’re playing the best team in the league — which the Packers are most certainly not — you come out playing better, not worse, than you normally do.

But let’s not forget that this Packers team, despite their 5-10 record, is a pretty good football team. Their defense has problems, but their offense is tough. They’ve lost so many games this year by four points or less — and add one more to that total tonight.

Look, there’s plenty of time for analysis and reflection on this near-loss, but the fact that they beat their division rival in overtime — and a few days before Christmas on top of that — is just an exhilarating feeling. So, I’m not going to waste much time berating the performance on the field. All I know is that everybody needs to play better next week against Houston.

For those of you who have the NFL Ticket, make sure you set up two TVs side-by-side to watch both the Bears and Vikings games on Sunday. If you don’t, maybe you should consider going to a sports bar, even though FOX will keep dropping in with Game Breaks to show what’s happening in the other game.

It’s been a long ride and there’s just one more game to go. Hopefully, with a little help from the defending Super Bowl champions, the Bears will have at least one more after that.

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