Bears-Texans halftime thoughts

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Stranger things have happened, but things are not looking good for the Bears right now. In this game alone, the Bears are not all that out of the game. Thanks to back-to-back mistakes by Danieal Manning — blown coverage a la Super Bowl XLI and a fumbled kickoff return — the Texans capitalized and scored 14 points. But the Bears’ defense is playing solid for the most part and the offense needs to step it up a little bit.

In the Vikings-Giants game, Minnesota is up 10-9 at halftime and the Vikings look like they’re holding their own. That could be a major problem if Tom Coughlin sits Eli Manning and other starters in the second half.

As for the wild card possibility, the Raiders are hanging tough against the Buccaneers and are actually leading Tampa Bay, 14-7, at halftime. The Raiders would have to hold on for the win and the Eagles would have to beat the Cowboys later for the Bears to win the wild card — assuming they can come back to beat the Texans.

Maybe there is such a thing as jinxes after I expressed my concern over Manning’s ball security in my game breakdown, and he fumbled on his first kickoff return, which led to Houston’s go-ahead touchdown. Not only could he not find any room to run on that return, but also ran into heavy traffic on his second return. Hopefully, the third time is the charm and he returns the second half kickoff for a big gain.

The Bears are not out of this game. If this were a boxing match, the Bears would have scored more points on overall performance in the first half, but this is a football game and the Bears have to retake the lead. If Manning doesn’t take the kickoff back for a score, I want to see a time-consuming drive that culminates in a touchdown to gain the momentum back.

Thirty minutes left until a possible season extension or an early off-season. Let’s hope for the former.

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