The Bears made their first player move of the off-season by signing former Northwestern and Carolina Panthers quarterback Brett Basanez to a two-year contract.

The move is hardly worth mentioning as it doesn’t make the Bears any better heading into next season. Essentially, it’s another body entering training camp, one that figures to take Rex Grossman’s place.

I’m a little discouraged by the signing considering my off-season wish list included signing a veteran quarterback to compete with Kyle Orton — which Basanez doesn’t figure to do — and selecting a rookie quarterback in April’s draft. If Basanez takes the place of a rookie quarterback, I’m okay with that. But if he’s the veteran that Jerry Angelo intends on bringing in to “solidify the position”, then the GM is not off on the right foot. I can’t imagine that’s the only move he’ll make at the position.

We’ll see what happens when free agency starts in a month and whether or not Angelo backs up his intentions to fix the position.