The NFL Network reported on Saturday that Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree, the top wide receiver prospect entering the 2009 NFL Draft, will require surgery to repair a “slight stress fracture” in his left foot.

Crabtree, for those who don’t follow college football, the scouting combine, or the NFL Draft, is the best receiver in this draft class whom many have compared to Larry Fitzgerald.

The surgery will include placing a screw in his foot and it will sideline him about 10 weeks, which is one week after the draft at the end of April. The result of this news means he will have no pro day to display his skills to NFL scouts, and selecting him in the Top 5 — a distinct possibility prior to this injury — will be a risk.

The first thought that undoubtedly will come to the minds of Bears fans will be how does this affect his draft position? Will this revelation cause Crabtree to slide down the draft board far enough for the Bears to grab him?

The answer is no.

The Chicago Tribune reported that three Bears representatives surrounded Crabtree at the combine to interview him. But, as Vaughn McClure puts it, is it great interest or just a smoke screen?

McClure, however, later wrote in a blog post that he feels the Bears need to consider him if he happens to fall to them. I agree. But, once again, Crabtree will not fall to them.

I feel it was certainly the Bears doing their due diligence when they interviewed him. Whether you feel a player will be available or not when you’re on the clock, it’s your responsibility to explore all options.

Despite the fact that the Bears have an immense need at wide receiver, and regardless of how far Crabtree slides because of this injury, let me assure you that he will not be on the board at pick No. 18, nor will the Bears trade up to acquire him.