Williams would be better fit than Owens

Published March 5, 2009 in News and Rumors

Less than 24 hours after the Cowboys released wide receiver Terrell Owens, the team continued its systematic dismantling of its roster by cutting ties with safety Roy Williams. Williams had requested a trade earlier this week but was granted his release instead.

Of the two former Cowboys, I’d much rather have the defender. Whether or not the Bears would have any interest in the 28-year-old, five-time Pro Bowl safety is unknown, but it provides another option for them to upgrade a position of need. Free agent Darren Sharper is another veteran safety that the Bears need to consider adding.

The Bears could really use a free safety whereas Williams plays the strong position. He frequently stacks the box and is much better against the run than he is in coverage. But given the option between having Williams and either Kevin Payne or Danieal Manning as the starting safeties or having Payne and Craig Steltz man the secondary, I’d certainly prefer the former.

Williams isn’t even 30 yet and he’s accomplished so much already. He could easily help stabilize the secondary and be a force for several more years to come.

It seems unlikely he’d land in Chicago, though, because he’ll be in high demand around the league and the Bears are not going to get into a bidding war for him.

2 thoughts on “Williams would be better fit than Owens”

  1. Fortunately Chicago will not pursue Owens. I have no doubt he would bring more bad than good.
    Acquiring Roy Williams does seem to be a good fit for Chicago and here is why.

    1)The bears need veteran leadership at that position (developing Steltz).

    2)Very thin draft class at the safety position this year.

    3)Even in pass coverage, he is an upgrade over the Strong Safety’s Chicago has now.

    4)He has been durable.

    5)Roy Williams is a superior tackler, something Chicago didn’t have at that position every time Mike Brown left the field.

    6)At 28 he still has a ton of football left in the tank.


  2. I completely agree. Something about Craig Steltz in the defensive backfield at this point in his career scares me. The Bears had a hard enough time covering receivers last year with a knowledgable player like Mike Brown roaming the secondary. They need veteran help there.

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