Bears add more depth at safety with Earl

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The Bears on Tuesday officially signed safety Glenn Earl to a one-year contract, a move that was expected to occur over the weekend. Earl spent a few seasons with former Texans and current Bears secondary coach Jon Hoke in Houston.

Perhaps what Earl is best known for to Bears fans is the injury he sustained in a 2007 preseason game with the Bears when former running back Cedric Benson ran him over.

I’ve checked the Rosenblog, and I have yet to see a sarcastic, dry-witted response to the signing, so allow me to beat Steve Rosenbloom to the punch. Yes, Steve, the Bears signed a player who has been out of the NFL for the last two years and was last seen getting run over by the outcast, Benson. Ha ha. It’s so ironic, isn’t it?

See, I can be sarcastic, too. I’m sure you all remember the stodgy curmudgeon’s post about new safety Josh Bullocks. In that post, he pointed out that at the end of the YouTube video showcasing Bullocks’ lowlights, Benson runs him over, too. Let’s face it, every single one of Rosenbloom’s posts carries a negative tone to it and he rarely has anything good to say about Chicago sports. He’s just a cranky, bitter old man.

Nevertheless, I’ve wasted more than enough words on the 200-pound ego in the 100-pound body who hides behind his keyboard.

As for the Earl signing, he, like Bullocks, both have to prove themselves and there is nothing wrong with adding depth to a porous position in order to create competition, especially if those players come cheap and don’t carry a hefty price tag.

I know we all would have liked to see the Bears bring in a Darren Sharper or Roy Williams, but we have to realize and accept the rules that Jerry Angelo lives by and obeys. I also know how frustrated Bears fans are about the lack of movement the Bears have made this off-season, but you have to realize that free agent signings are down all across the league. The big day — days, actually — for improvement will come in one month and about 12 hours from the time of this post, the 2009 NFL Draft.

Bears score extra draft picks

To that end, the Bears received some good news this week when they learned they will be compensated with three extra draft picks for losing Bernard Berrian, Brendon Ayanbadejo, and John Gilmore last off-season. They’ll get a third round pick (No. 99 overall), and two seventh-round picks (Nos. 246 and 251). While finding a gem in the seventh round is less than likely, that third round pick could be a big addition.

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