Bears likely would be outbid, but Boldin could be had

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Posted in News reports that sources are saying the Cardinals are lowering their asking price for disgruntled Pro Bowl wide receiver Anquan Boldin. If this is the case, the Bears suddenly could be in the sweepstakes to land him. Whether or not the Bears have any interest in acquiring him is another story. And yet another variable is whether the Bears can offer a more appealing package to the Cardinals than other teams can.

Acquiring Boldin was a long shot after the Bears gave up two first-round picks for Jay Cutler. But now the asking price for Boldin is a second-round pick and other considerations. The Bears have a second round pick, and Boldin would be a better player now — and perhaps for the rest of his career — than any receiver the Bears might take in the second round.

However, it’s the “other considerations” that the Bears might not be willing to give up, or they might not have enough to beat out other teams that are interested in Boldin. The leading contenders are said to be the Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and New York Giants.

The fact that the Cardinals lowered their asking price at least opens the door to the possibility of pairing Boldin with Cutler to form a dynamic combo. However unlikely that scenario may be — and it is unlikely — the mere thought of it certainly gives Bears fans a pleasure overload.

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