is reporting that Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress and currently retired Brett Favre will meet at an undisclosed location sometime this week to discuss the possibility of Favre wearing Vikings purple next year and, thus, making yet another comeback for the second straight year.

If there’s any truth to this rumor and Favre indeed does get the “itch” to play again, Bears fans should join Vikings fans at the welcoming ceremony and accept this news with open arms.

We know the Vikings have a dominant defense that finished sixth in the league last year in total defense, including a No. 1 ranking against the run. We also know that with Adrian Peterson in the backfield and Bernard Berrian and rookie Percy Harvin at receiver, the Vikings’ offense has explosive weapons.

What they’ve lacked for quite some time is a reliable quarterback to spread the ball around. Some say they are one piece away from the Super Bowl, and Favre is supposed to complete the puzzle. While I agree the Vikings are a great quarterback away from being one of, if not the best team in the NFC, I can’t for one second agree that that quarterback is Favre.

Last year, the Jets acquired Favre from the Packers for the exact same reason that the Vikings are interested in signing him now. They wanted to win a Super Bowl and thought they had enough pieces surrounding Favre to do it. Look how well that turned out for the Jets.

I’m not naive enough to believe that the Jets had nearly as good a team as the Vikings do, so, in theory, the Vikings have a better shot at winning the Super Bowl with Favre this year than the Jets did last year. But it wasn’t Favre’s supporting cast that failed last year; it was No. 4 himself.

Favre single-handedly knocked the Jets from their division-leading perch, destroyed their playoff chances, and essentially got head coach Eric Mangini fired. In the last five games of 2008, the Jets went 1-4 while Favre averaged 202 yards per game but threw just 2 touchdowns compared to 9 interceptions.

Does Favre still have some good football left in him? Of course. He finished 11th in the league last year in passing yards. But with the good, you have to take the bad, and Vikings fans would be forced to watch Favre try to make something out of nothing while throwing jump balls that have defenders licking their chops. Favre’s mentality is not aging as quickly as his body is. While his physical attributes limit what he’s capable of doing, he still possesses a gunslinger mentality, something that caused him to lead the league with 22 interceptions last year.

The Vikings acquired Sage Rosenfels this off-season with the hopes that he could compete with Tarvaris Jackson and one of them could emerge stronger and capable of taking the Vikings deep into the playoffs. Bears fans surely wouldn’t mind facing either one of those guys because neither one in frightening. Hence, adding Favre certainly would be an upgrade for the Vikings. But at what cost? The offense may put up big numbers, they may dazzle their fans and become the talk of the nation, and they may win the NFC North and secure the top seed in the playoffs including a first round bye.

But in a close game against a good defense, Favre could just as quickly sink the Vikings’ love boat — I mean ship — as he could pile up early season victories.

That’s just a risk I wouldn’t take, but would welcome the Vikings taking it.