Carson Palmer on the 2009 Bengals

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“We’re gonna be really good, I guarantee it. We’ve got a great thing going this offseason. We’ve got such a good locker room. There’s so much more competitiveness this year. I really think we’re gonna surprise people. They’ll be saying, ‘Wow, the Bengals are 6-0 … Wow, the Bengals are 10-2. Where did this come from?'”

-Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer on how he feels his team will fare in 2009.

Be alert, Bears fans. If Palmer’s predictions come true, the Bears will be visiting the 6-0 Bengals on Oct. 25 in Cincinnati. And you know Cedric Benson and Tank Johnson have a few things in mind for their former employer. But if Palmer’s 10-2 prediction comes true, I’m willing to bet one of those two losses came against the Bears.

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