Bears sign LB Tinoisamoa to one-year deal

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The Bears strengthened the linebacker position by agreeing to a one-year deal with free agent Pisa Tinoisamoa on Friday. Tinoisamoa led the Rams in tackling in four of his first six seasons in the league and will likely become the starting strong-side linebacker ahead of Hunter Hillenmeyer and Nick Roach.

The thing that concerns me, as it does with all free agent acquisitions, is the one-year deal. The Bears have made a couple of those this off-season including safeties Josh Bullocks and Glenn Earl. What the one-year deal suggests is that there’s not enough interest on one side of the table or the other, and that’s a cause for concern. Either the Bears didn’t want to commit big dollars to Tinoisamoa because they feel strongly in their younger linebackers or Tinoisamoa didn’t feel like he should accept less money to play for the Bears and will be playing for a better contract next season.

The Bears did, however, sign Kevin Jones to a one-year deal last year and then extend him two more years this off-season, so it’s still possible Tinoisamoa could be in Chicago for longer than just 2009.

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