Ochocinco kicks extra point, kickoff

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Love him, like him, or hate him, Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is certainly a talented player. But now he’s making headlines for more than catching passes.

The Bengals held out kicker Shayne Graham as a precaution because of a groin injury in their Thursday night preseason game against the Patriots, so Ochocinco kicked the extra point following a Bengals first-half touchdown.

” ‘Esteban’ Ochocinco is back, the most interesting footballer in the world,” Ochocinco said. “Everyone has to remember, I’ve always said that soccer is my No. 1 sport. I think Ronaldinho would be proud of me right now.”

Ochocinco went on to kickoff at the start of the second half.

View the kicks here

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