Halftime Thoughts: Bears vs. Lions (10.04.09)

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I typically reserve my comments for after the game, but occasionally the need to vent at halftime arises, and this is one of those occasions.

It’s only the fourth game of the season and I’ve had about all I can handle of this Bears defense, specifically against the pass. And I don’t want to hear injuries as an excuse because it’s been just as bad the past two seasons. It is absolutely inexcusable to allow the Lions to score three touchdowns in a game, let alone in one half. And the last of those scores came on a 98-yard drive.


Of course, the game is tied so the Bears have a shot at winning. And if they are victorious at game’s end, all will be forgiven, but not forgotten. If they don’t win this game, though, they will be the laughing stock of the NFC North as they’ll find themselves below the Vikings, Packers, and Lions in the cellar.

I sure hope Lovie gives his team a mouthful in the locker room, as he’s been known to do in situations like these.

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