The 12 More Days of This Season

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When there’s little else to write about, one has to get creative with his posts. Pardon my attempt at humor, but here’s my modified version of the Christmas carol, The 12 Days of Christmas.

On December 22, my true love gave to me:

Twelve more days of this season,
Eleven possible losses,
Ten scoreless first quarters,
Minus-9 turnover ratio,
Eighth-worst time of possession,
Seven failed challenges,
Six rushing touchdowns,
…Five Cutler picks…
Four 20-point blowouts,
Three straight playoff-less seasons,
Two untouchable players,
and one more miserable season in the books.

*For those keeping score at home, the two untouchable players are Lance Briggs and Jay Cutler. I realize there’s plenty of room for debate about what constitutes an untouchable player, but for the purposes of this song… the Bears have just two. As for the five Cutler picks, that was just in one game against the 49ers. He has five times that amount on the season, which leads the league.

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