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I’ve mentioned a few times this year, most recently in my Monday Morning Quarterback this week, that my biggest problem with the Bears’ defense this season is how often I’ve had to hear broadcasters announce new player or team records for opposing offenses. Without the aid of media guides, I turned to NFL.com to compile the following list of achievements for opponents facing the Bears this year. There may be more feats that I’ve failed to include, but that would have required more research and I wasn’t willing to spend all day digging up negative facts about the Bears and reliving the disappointing 14 games they’ve played so far. As it is, the eggnog was starting to come back up on me with the short list that I did put together.

Joe Flacco’s season/career-high 4 touchdown passes.

Joe Flacco’s season/career-high 135.6 quarterback rating.

Ryan Grant’s season-long 62-yard run (for a touchdown, on top of it).

Brett Favre’s season-high 392 passing yards (nearly a career high for his already illustrious career).

Percy Harvin’s season/career-high 101 receiving yards.

Minnesota Vikings’ season-high 537 net yards.

LeSean McCoy’s season/career-high 99 rushing yards.

Kurt Warner’s season-high and career-tying 5 touchdown passes.

Carson Palmer’s season-high 5 touchdown passes and 83.3 completion percentage.

Carson Palmer’s career-high 146.7 quarterback rating.

Cedric Benson’s season/career-high 189 rushing yards.

Chad Ochocinco’s season-high 10 receptions and 2 touchdowns.

Calvin Johnson’s season-high 8 receptions and 133 yards (at the time).

Matthew Stafford’s season/career-high 296 passing yards and 66.7 completion percentage (at the time).

Seneca Wallace’s season/career-high 261 passing yards.

Nate Burleson’s season-high 9 catches and 109 receiving yards.

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