2009 Weekly Predictions: Conference Championship predictions

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Through two weeks of playoff picks, I’m 1-7. I’m not exactly having success picking playoff games. I’m tempted to pick the Vikings this week over the Saints since my picks have been so bad and maybe I can jinx them, but I don’t believe in stuff like that.

Here’s a look at this week’s matchups and how I think they’ll play out.

Last Week: 1-3
This Week: 2-0
Overall: 175-90

New York Jets (11-7) at Indianapolis Colts (15-2)
The Jets continue to surprise me with how they’ve been able to advance with a bad rookie quarterback at the helm. Let that be a lesson to never let anybody tell you that defense and running the football are still the keys to success in today’s NFL. How ironic it would be if the Jets knocked the Colts out of the playoffs after the Colts pulled their starters against the Jets in the regular season, allowing the Jets to win that game and make the playoffs because of it. I’m not going against the NFL’s MVP in a big game like this, though.
Prediction: Indianapolis 24, New York Jets 13
Actual Score: Indianapolis 30, New York Jets 17

Minnesota Vikings (13-4) at New Orleans Saints (14-3)
This is the matchup I’ve been waiting to see since early in the season when both teams jumped out to an undefeated start. They’re the two best teams in the NFC and they deserve to be facing each other (unlike the AFC conference championship game). The Vikings have one formula to follow in order to beat the Saints and that’s to get after Drew Brees on defense and keep feeding the ball to Adrian Peterson on offense. If Brett Favre tries to take over the game, there could be trouble for the Vikings. I like the Saints at home.
Prediction: New Orleans 34, Minnesota 27
Actual Score: New Orleans 31, Minnesota 28

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