Month: May 2010

Kevin Seifert on the Urlacher-Sayers dispute

Posted in News and Rumors on May 22, 2010 at 7:55 am by

“Brian Urlacher has the same right to question Gale Sayers’ football acumen as Sayers has to make candid comments on the Chicago Bears’ direction.” writer Kevin Seifert, who writes for the NFC North Blog, […] Read the full article »

Media and fans to blame in Urlacher-Sayers spat

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It’s being billed as a rift between the “old school” and the “new school.” Those who support and agree with former Bear Gale Sayers’ comments about the current Bears team, and those who defend and […] Read the full article »

Gale Sayers, clarifying his recent comments about 2010 Bears

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“If somebody asks me, ‘How do you think the Bears are going to do this year?’ If I say, ‘Oh, they are going to win 14 ballgames,’ they know the Bears can’t win 14 ballgames. […] Read the full article »

SI’s Peter King ranks Bears 25th

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Sports Illustrated’s Peter King came out with his early NFL power rankings and he didn’t look at the Bears with much adulation. King ranked the Bears No. 25 overall, one spot below the lowly Lions. […] Read the full article »

Bears do need a veteran backup quarterback

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I usually like to reserve my rebuttal blog entries for incomprehensible drivel written by the Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh. However, this morning, it is another Tribune writer that has earned that right to appear here. […] Read the full article »

Martz: Veteran backup QB “would make us all feel a little easier”

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New Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz essentially confirmed what most of us have felt since last year, when the Bears carried just two quarterbacks on the active roster: adding a veteran backup would provide valuable […] Read the full article »

Mike Martz on the Bears’ wide receivers

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“I love our receivers. I think that our receiver corps will be the strength of this team. You can put that in granite. I can promise you that one. There’s not very many things I […] Read the full article »