Hanie’s injury not a cause for concern

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It seems like the biggest news surrounding the Bears at the moment is what they will do about their quarterback situation now that Caleb Hanie suffered a shoulder injury in Saturday’s preseason opener against the Chargers.

Will they sign a veteran backup or ride out the storm and wait for Hanie to return? The injury, after all, is not a serious one and Hanie is optimistic that he’ll return for the regular season opener.

“I’m not worried about losing my … job,” Hanie said. “I feel like I’ve done enough to earn that position, and what I have is not a season-ending injury or even half a season or a beginning of the season.”

Yet, names of jobless veteran quarterbacks like Trent Green, Damon Huard, and Todd Collins have been tossed around as possible solutions. Then again, Green isn’t jobless; he’s a broadcaster. And Huard informed the Bears he is not interested and will remain retired. That leaves Collins as the solution to the problem.

Therein lies the question, though. What problem are the Bears trying to fix, exactly? To my knowledge, Jay Cutler is still the Bears’ starting quarterback, isn’t he? I mean, I could be wrong, but I would think that if Cutler was supplanted as the starter or if he was out for the season with an injury, the sky would have fallen and crushed the city of Chicago.

What is all the fuss about over the backup quarterback position? I was one of the first ones to write that the Bears needed a veteran backup in the event Culter suffered a small injury that kept him out of a couple games this year. The veteran backup would become a stopgap solution to help the Bears stay competitive in those games without Cutler.

But Cutler has never missed a game due to injury, and the time to sign a backup was in the off-season, not now.

Let’s be real clear about what would happen if Cutler suffered a season-ending injury. Not only would Chicago be dubbed “The Third City” after it had to be rebuilt yet again, but there’d be riots and looting, city-wide gridlock, mass destruction of 2012 proportions and the end of civilization as we know it.

Oh, and Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo would be fired.

All kidding aside, you never like to see an injury to any player, but Hanie’s injury was a blessing in disguise. Preseason games serve two purposes: a tune-up for veteran players and an evaluation period for younger players.

It’s too early to throw in the towel on Dan LeFevour’s pro career after one very poor preseason game. After all, the guy hardly gets any reps in training camp and has to adjust to the pro game after playing in an unconventional offense in college. We already know what Hanie can do, so let’s let LeFevour get a little more work so the coaches can get a better evaluation on him.

I would have liked a veteran backup in camp from the outset, standing by in the rare event that Cutler goes down with a minor injury this year. But why are we only clamoring for a veteran backup now instead of in the off-season?

With Hanie supposedly out for only a couple weeks, it’s no time to panic about the backup quarterback situation.

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