For those of you who believe in omens or superstitions, you may be pleased to hear that the Bears were ranked No. 29 by’s Don Banks in his latest power rankings. The fourth-to-last ranking comes on the heels of an 0-4 preseason and Banks writes, “the Bears were a calamity in going winless, and I’m afraid it portends the last-place season to come in Chicago.”

This pitiful and utterly shocking ranking comes five years after another writer, Paul “Dr. Z” Zimmerman, so ridiculously ranked the Bears as the worst team in the league heading into the 2005 season. The Bears used that as motivation and reeled off an 11-5 playoff season.

I’m not one that believes in omens or superstitions, but it would give me no greater pleasure than for the Bears to prove all the naysayers wrong, myself included. I’m not necessarily a naysayer, but I did predict them to finish a modest 8-8.

Perhaps what’s most infuriating is to see a team with as much talent as the Bears — they may not be a great football team, but no competent football analyst would deny the Bears have a lot of individually talented players — being lumped among the bottom-feeders in the league like Cleveland, St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Buffalo.

It’s a despicable ranking made by someone who clearly appears to have written them in a hurry just to get them done.