The Depth Chart: 2010 Week 1 Power Rankings

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Here’s a look at my power rankings for Week 1.

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1. New Orleans Saints
(No. 1; No Change; W, 14-9 vs. Min)
Didn’t resemble the explosive Super Bowl champion team from a year ago, but beat a good Vikings team nonetheless.

2. Green Bay Packers
(No. 3; Up 1; W, 27-20 vs. Phi)
Looked far less potent on offense than they were billed to be, but the defense looks solid.

3. New England Patriots
(No. 8; Up 5; W, 38-24 vs. Cin)
Wes Welker returned from his knee injury in a big way and the Patriots proved they’re still among the league’s elite.

4. Baltimore Ravens
(No. 7; Up 3; W, 10-9 vs. NYJ)
Handled the Jets’ offense with ease and Flacco threw for 248 yards in the win.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers
(No. 12; Up 7; W, 15-9 vs. Atl)
Even without Roethlisberger, they managed to beat a very good Falcons team on an overtime Mendenhall run.

6. Houston Texans
(No. 13; Up 7; W, 34-24 vs. Ind)
Might have been the most ready-to-play team in Week 1 as they looked solid in beating a tough Colts team behind 231 Arian Foster rushing yards.

7. Indianapolis Colts
(No. 2; Down 5; L, 34-24 vs. Hou)
Their struggles in the preseason carried over into Week 1 and they were flat against a more motivated Texans team.

8. Dallas Cowboys
(No. 4; Down 4; L, 13-7 vs. Was)
Injuries and a poor offensive line led to a miserable effort against the Redskins. They’re in a world of hurt right now.

9. San Diego Chargers
(No. 5; Down 4; L, 21-14 vs. KC)
Something about beginning the season slowly has plagued this team, but a loss to division rival Kansas City shouldn’t keep them down for too long.

10. Minnesota Vikings

(No. 6; Down 4; L, 14-9 vs. NO)
Favre looked like a man who, well, skipped training camp as he misfired with several of his receivers.

11. Tennessee Titans
(No. 14; Up 3; W, 38-13 vs. Oak)
Johnson picked up right where he left off last season with 142 yards in the romp over the Raiders.

12. New York Giants
(No. 15; Up 3; W, 31-18 vs. Car)
The Giants paid back the Panthers for the beating they suffered last year.

13. Miami Dolphins
(No. 16; Up 3; W, 15-10 vs. Buf)
Not a very impressive effort from the Dolphins against a bad Bills team, but a win nevertheless.

14. New York Jets
(No. 9; Down 5; L, 10-9 vs. Bal)
At some point they’ll have to take the training wheels off Mark Sanchez because he looked pedestrian in his effort against the Ravens.

15. Cincinnati Bengals
(No. 10; Down 5; L, 38-24 vs. NE)
The Bengals couldn’t get anything going offensively until later in the game and Carson Palmer hasn’t looked himself in a long time.

16. Atlanta Falcons
(No. 11; Down 5; L, 15-9 vs. Pit)
Matt Ryan had 252 yards passing and Roddy White had 111 yards receiving but it wasn’t enough to knock off the Steelers on the road.

17. Washington Redskins
(No. 18; Up 1; W, 13-7 vs. Dal)
McNabb showed Redskins fans why he’s not done yet and the defense got after the Cowboys offense.

18. Arizona Cardinals
(No. 20; Up 2; W, 17-13 vs. Stl)
In a game against one of the league’s worst, somebody had to win. But the Cardinals still have lots of problems.

19. Chicago Bears
(No. 21; Up 2; W, 19-14 vs. Det)
Defense played solid minus a couple drives and the offense put up 463 yards. Need to tighten some screws, though.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars
(No. 24; Up 4; W, 24-17 vs. Den)
Garrard threw three touchdowns, two to Marcedes Lewis, and the Jaguars defense kept the Broncos in check.

21. Seattle Seahawks
(No. 26; Up 5; W, 31-6 vs. SF)
Obliterated the 49ers to prove that they’re still the top dog in the NFC West until proven otherwise.

22. Kansas City Chiefs
(No. 27; Up 5; W, 21-14 vs. SD)
Surprised quite a few fans worldwide with a 21-14 victory over the heavily-favored Chargers. Jamaal Charles has some wheels.

23. Philadelphia Eagles
(No. 19; Down 4; L, 27-20 vs. GB)
Kolb was knocked out of the game with a concussion but didn’t look very good while he was playing. One has to wonder how long it’ll take to make the switch to Michael Vick.

24. San Francisco 49ers

(No. 17; Down 7; L, 31-6 vs. Sea)
The 49ers, who have been suggested by many as the team to beat in the NFC West, still have a lot of loose ends to fix.

25. Denver Broncos
(No. 22; Down 3; L, 24-17 vs. Jac)
No miracle Game 1 victory for them this years. They couldn’t stop the Jaguars offense when it counted.

26. Carolina Panthers
(No. 23; Down 3; L, 31-18 vs. NYG)
It’ll be a long, hard struggle for them this year if defenses stack the box and make Matt Moore beat them through the air.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
(No. 29; Up 2; W, 17-14 vs. Cle)
Somebody had to win between the lowly Bucs and Browns and the better team did that.

28. Oakland Raiders
(No. 25; Down 3; L, 38-13 vs. Oak)
So much for this team being the surprise of league this year. They were wiped out by the Titans and couldn’t stop Chris Johnson.

29. Detroit Lions
(No. 28; Down 1; L, 19-14 vs. Chi)
They kept up with the Bears and were winning for most of the game, but Calvin Johnson needs to hold on to the ball just a split longer and get off the ground before celebrating.

30. Cleveland Browns
(No. 30; No Change; L, 17-14 vs. TB)
Delhomme continues to be an interception machine throwing two in the season opener against the Bucs.

31. St. Louis Rams
(No. 31; No Change; L, 17-13 vs. Ari)
Three interceptions from a rookie quarterback when he throws the ball 55 times in a game is to be expected. Bradford did complete 32 of those passes, though, and had 253 yards and a touchdown as well. The Rams need to try to run the ball better.

32. Buffalo Bills
(No. 32; No Change; L, 15-10 vs. Mia)
Not an impressive outing for young C.J. Spiller, who had just 6 yards on 7 carries. The Bills finished with just 166 net yards, proving why they’re the league’s cellar dwellers.

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