Here’s a look at my power rankings for Week 3.

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1. Pittsburgh Steelers
(No. 3; Up 2; W, 38-13 vs. TB)
Not only won their third straight without Roethlisberger but looked dominant in doing so.

2. Indianapolis Colts
(No. 4; Up 2; W, 27-13 vs. Den)
Are showing signs that despite the opening week loss, they’ll still be a good team. Only 29 rushing yards from Addai, though.

3. New Orleans Saints
(No. 1; Down 2; L, 27-24 vs. Atl)

I had predicted the Falcons would upset them because they have not looked that impressive this season. Here’s another prediction: they’ll continue to struggle without Bush.

4. New England Patriots
(No. 6; Up 2; W, 38-30 vs. Buf)
Impressive week offensively, but the defense allowing 30 points to Buffalo is inexusable.

5. Baltimore Ravens
(No. 7; Up 2; W, 24-17 vs. Cle)
Allowed 17 points to Cleveland and only won by a touchdown. The defense is human after all, but Flacco looked much better this week.

6. Green Bay Packers
(No. 2; Down 4; L, 20-17 vs. Chi)
Should have and could have beat the Bears but committed many stupid penalties and an untimely turnover.

7. New York Jets
(No. 10; Up 3; W, 31-23 vs. Mia)
Beat division rival Dolphins on the road. Sanchez had a good game with 256 passing yards and 3 TDs.

8. Houston Texans
(No. 5; Down 3; L, 27-13 vs. Dal)
Early season success came to a crashing halt against state rival. Defense couldn’t stop Romo and the Cowboys offense.

9. Atlanta Falcons
(No. 12; Up 3; W, 27-24 vs. NO)
They’re a tough team to beat and they could be division champs this year.

10. Cincinnati Bengals
(No. 11; Up 1; W, 20-7 vs. Car)
Beat a bad Panthers team on the road. Cedric Benson had a pair of touchdowns.

11. Tennessee Titans
(No. 14; Up 3; W, 29-10 vs. NYG)
Defense gets it done against Eli Manning and gang, at least on the scoreboard where it counts the most. Chris Johnson rolled for 125 yards.

12. Chicago Bears
(No. 16; Up 4; W, 20-17 vs. GB)
Cutler was erratic but good when they needed him the most and the defense may have bent against Aaron Rodgers but did not break. Good teams find ways to win.

13. Minnesota Vikings
(No. 13; No Change; W, 24-10 vs. Det)
Picked up their first win of the season against divisional foe Detroit. Adrian Peterson rumbled for 160 yards.

14. Miami Dolphins
(No. 9; Down 5; L, 31-23 vs. NYJ)
Chade Henne had 363 passing yards and Brandon Marshall racked up 166 receiving yards but the Dolphins couldn’t stop the rival Jets.

15. San Diego Chargers
(No. 8; Down 7; L, 27-20 vs. Sea)
Philip Rivers threw for 455 yards but the Chargers couldn’t beat a mediocre Seahawks team.

16. Philadelphia Eagles
(No. 19; Up 3; W, 28-3 vs. Jac)
Michael Vick played another great game as he continues to re-establish himself in this league.

17. Dallas Cowboys
(No. 18; Up 1; W, 27-13 vs. Hou)
Finally picked up their first win of the season against a pretty good Houston team with defense and a steady dose of Romo.

18. Kansas City Chiefs
(No. 20; Up 2; W, 31-10 vs. SF)
They may be undefeated but I can’t move them much higher because they’re not that good a football team.

19. New York Giants

(No. 15; Down 4; L, 29-10 vs. Ten)
Manning passed for 386 yards, 103 of which went to Steve Smith, but the Titans were too strong.

20. Washington Redskins
(No. 17; Down 3; L, 30-16 vs. Stl)
I don’t know how they did it, but they found a way to lose to the Rams. Poor defense in the second half to go with just one field goal from the offense.

21. Arizona Cardinals
(No. 21; No Change; W, 24-23 vs. Oak)
Squeezed past the Raiders behind a special teams score and two Derek Anderson touchdown passes.

22. Seattle Seahawks
(No. 25; Up 3; W, 27-20 vs. SD)
Such a mediocre football team that somehow managed to beat two supposedly good teams in the 49ers and Chargers this year.

23. Denver Broncos
(No. 22; Down 1; L, 27-13 vs. Ind)
Lost to a good Colts team despite 476 passing yards from Kyle Orton.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
(No. 23; Down 1; L, 38-13 vs. Pit)
Lost to the hottest team in the league right now. Couldn’t get the run game going and Freeman had just 184 yards through the air.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars
(No. 24; Down 1; L, 28-3 vs. Phi)
Had no answer for Vick or the Eagles offense and couldn’t get anything going against their defense.

26. St. Louis Rams
(No. 31; Up 5; W, 30-16 vs. Was)
Picked up their first victory of the season, a big one against a decent Redskins team. Sam Bradford passed for 235 yards and a score.

27. Oakland Raiders
(No. 27; No Change; L, 24-23 vs. Ari)
Janikowski missed a simple 32-yard field goal as time expired to lose to the Cardinals.

28. Carolina Panthers
(No. 28; No Change; L, 20-7 vs. Cin)
The Panthers are a bad football team this year and their run game is non existent. Clausen had 188 yards and an interception on 16-of-33 passing in his debut.

29. San Francisco 49ers
(No. 26; Down 3; L, 31-10 vs. KC)
A third straight loss cost the offensive coordinator his job and cast doubts on the 49ers playoff chances immediately.

30. Detroit Lions
(No. 29; Down 1; L, 24-10 vs. Min)
Couldn’t keep up with their divisional foe. Shaun Hill led the way with 237 yards on the day, though.

31. Cleveland Browns
(No. 30; Down 1; L, 24-17 vs. Bal)
Managed to score 17 on the Ravens and kept the game close, but they’re still a bad football team.

32. Buffalo Bills
(No. 32; No Change; L, 38-30 vs. NE)
It’s quite impressive that they managed to score 30 points on the Patriots, but quite typical that they gave up 38.