The Depth Chart: 2010 Week 5 Power Rankings

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Here’s a look at my power rankings for Week 5.

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1. New England Patriots
(No. 1; No Change; Bye)
Bye week keeps them on top. Tough matchup against the Ravens this week.

2. Baltimore Ravens
(No. 3; Up 1; W, 31-17 vs. Den)
Big win over the Broncos and now set up a No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup in my rankings this week.

3. New York Jets
(No. 6; Up 3; W, 29-20 vs. Min)
One of the more consistent teams in the league right now, they seized control of the Monday night matchup with the Vikings.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers
(No. 4; No Change; Bye)
Ben Roethlisberger will have had two weeks of practice with the team when the Steelers face the Browns this week at home.

5. New Orleans Saints
(No. 2; Down 3; L, 30-20 vs. Ari)
Somehow, some way, the Saints managed to lose to a bad Cardinals team. It proves the defending champions are not that great and there’s not much that separates the top of the NFC to somewhere in the lower echelon.

6. Indianapolis Colts
(No. 7; Up 1; W, 19-9 vs. KC)
It wasn’t pretty, but the Colts took care of business against the Chiefs and knocked off the NFL’s last unbeaten.

7. Green Bay Packers
(No. 5; Down 2; L, 16-13 vs. Was)
The Packers had one of the most talented rosters heading into the season but injuries are piling up.

8. Atlanta Falcons
(No. 9; Up 1; W, 20-10 vs. Cle)
While not without their flaws, they’re one of the top teams in NFC right now led by a solid run game and a good young quarterback.

9. New York Giants
(No. 11; Up 2; W, 34-10 vs. Hou)
Something woke up a sleeping Giant (pardon the pun) in the last two weeks. They look like a much improved team.

10. Washington Redskins
(No. 12; Up 2; W, 16-13 vs. GB)
The Redskins are an inconsistent team this year but they’re tough to beat at home and they can play pretty good defense when they want/need to.

11. Tennessee Titans
(No. 15; Up 4; W, 34-27 vs. Dal)
Chris Johnson rushed for 131 yards in the road win over the Cowboys.

12. Chicago Bears
(No. 16; Up 4; W, 23-6 vs. Car)
Not even bad quarterbacking could keep the Bears from dominating the Panthers thanks to a great rushing day from Matt Forte and Chester Taylor.

13. Houston Texans
(No. 8; Down 5; L, 34-10 vs. NYG)
After a great start to the season, the Texans are back to looking like an average football team.

14. San Diego Chargers
(No. 10; Down 4; L, 35-27 vs. Oak)
I don’t have much faith in the Chargers any more. They’ve lost too many games to bad teams and can’t play with any consistency.

15. Minnesota Vikings
(No. 13; Down 2; L, 29-20 vs. NYJ)
When everybody is healthy, the Vikings will have a lot of offensive firepower but right now they’re playing like an old team on its last legs.

16. Cincinnati Bengals
(No. 14; Down 2; L, 24-21 vs. TB)
Cedric Benson had 144 rushing yards but it was not enough as the Bengals lost at home to the Bucs.

17. Dallas Cowboys
(No. 17; No Change; L, 34-27 vs. Ten)
Tony Romo threw for 406 yards and Miles Austin caught 166 of those but the Cowboys couldn’t stop Chris Johnson.

18. Kansas City Chiefs
(No. 18; No Change; L, 19-9 vs. Ind)
Going on the road to face the Colts is not an easy thing to do but I didn’t expect the upstart Chiefs to win anyway.

19. Miami Dolphins
(No. 19; No Change; Bye)
The Dolphins had a bye week and an extra week of preparation to face a bruised and battered Packers team.

20. Philadelphia Eagles
(No. 21; Up 1; W, 27-24 vs. SF)
Kevin Kolb had a good outing as did LeSean McCoy in the Sunday night victory over the lowly 49ers.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars
(No. 22; Up 1; W, 36-26 vs. Buf)
Jacksonville started slow but eventually pulled away from the Bills. Maurice Jones-Drew had just 84 yards on the ground.

22. Arizona Cardinals
(No. 23; Up 1; W, 30-20 vs. NO)
Somehow the Cardinals beat the defending champions. If anything came out of the game, it’s that I have a little more respect for the Cardinals but I don’t think they’re a good football team.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
(No. 24; Up 1; W, 24-21 vs. Cin)
Good road win against the Bengals this week. Josh Freeman is a player; 280 passing yards in the win.

24. Denver Broncos
(No. 20; Down 4; L, 31-17 vs. Bal)
Kyle Orton still topped 300 yards against the league’s best pass defense but that’s because the Broncos were chasing the Ravens all game.

25. Oakland Raiders
(No. 28; Up 3; W, 35-27 vs. SD)
Convincing divisional victory over the rival Chargers led by Michael Bush’s 104 rushing yards and Jason Campbells efficient, yet unspectacular play.

26. Seattle Seahawks
(No. 26; No Change; Bye)
Seahawks had a bye and an extra week of preparation for the Bears.

27. Detroit Lions
(No. 31; Up 4; W, 44-6 vs. Stl)
The Lions were bound to pick up a victory eventually. They’ve been in just about every game this season but have been unable to close the deal.

28. St. Louis Rams
(No. 25; Down 3; L, 44-6 vs. Det)
The Rams have showed promise this year but proved this week that they’re not good enough yet to win — or even compete — on the road against a below average Lions team.

29. Cleveland Browns
(No. 27; Down 2; L, 20-10 vs. Atl)
The Brown kept the game close this week but were no match for the Falcons.

30. Carolina Panthers
(No. 29; Down 1; L, 23-6 vs. Chi)
It’s just a matter of time before John Fox gets the pink slip. The Panthers have no passing game to take pressure off their running backs.

31. San Francisco 49ers
(No. 30; Down 1; L, 27-24 vs. Phi)
The 49ers have too much talent on their team to be 0-5 right now. That means the coaching has to take some blame.

32. Buffalo Bills
(No. 32; No Change; L, 36-26 vs. Jac)
The Bills were leading in this game but bad teams will find ways to lose and they did just that.

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