Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams, he of the failed drug test two years ago who has yet to serve his four-game suspension due to a court battle against the NFL, had some unflattering words regarding former teammate and current Bears running back Chester Taylor.

“I don’t care about no Chester,” Williams said. “He’s not on our team, so I really don’t care about him. if you aren’t on the Vikings, I don’t care about you. … That’s how I roll.

“Chester don’t even start, so we don’t worry about him right now. He ain’t the starting running back. He’s the backup … At the end of the day, we don’t worry about Chester.”

First of all, Pat, it’s: “I don’t care about any Chester.” Although, even that statement wouldn’t make sense, unless you’re saying that any player in the league named “Chester” you don’t or wouldn’t care about.

Secondly, quit talking and go eat another cheeseburger or two… or ten.