Lions WR Burleson guarantees victory over Bears

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Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson has provided the Bears with a little bulletin board material by guaranteeing a victory over them in Sunday’s game, as reported by the Detroit News.

“Yeah, I said we’re going to win,” Burleson said. “We only have five games left and my goal is to finish 7-9. Like I’ve been saying all year, we don’t have a team on our schedule that we can’t beat.”

Not to belittle his prognostication skills, but apparently Nostradamus hasn’t learned his lesson. Last season, as a member of the Seattle Seahawks, Burleson guaranteed a victory over division rival Arizona. The Cardinals won that game, 31-20.

Expect a similar result from the Bears. Good luck to Burleson and his third-string quarterback, Drew Stanton.

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