ESPN’s Rick Reilly on Bears quarterback Jay Cutler

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ESPN’s Rick Reilly did an interview with Fox’s Kerry Sayers about Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Reilly didn’t have a favorable opinion of Cutler and said that the general public felt the same way.

Rick Reilly on Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler :

Honestly, Rick, I don’t care what you think about Cutler or any other Bears player. Some Bears fans may agree with your assessment of Cutler and others could care less. I’m one of the latter. I don’t care how bright Cutler’s star is, nor do I care how “jolly” he is.

It’s nice to have likable guys with good personalities on your favorite teams, but my opinion of players isn’t dictated by their personalities. After all, I’m not friends with the players. I’m not going to hang out with them after the games or make plans with them during the week.

I care how they perform on the field, and in that sense, Cutler is on my good side and I like him as a player very much.

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