Bears apparently don’t belong in Final Four

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Posted in News’s Peter King, a known Bear-hater and Packer-lover, has done a weekly Top 15 — called “The Fine Fifteen” — since the beginning of the season. In this week’s edition, his Top 3 teams are Green Bay, Pittsburgh and the New York Jets — the other three teams playing in conference championship action this week along with the Bears.

The fourth team would seemingly be Chicago, right? They’re the last remaining team in the playoffs.

Nope. King has ranked the Patriots fourth and the Bears fifth. That’s right, a team that is cleaning out its lockers and won’t play football until August (maybe even later if there’s a lockout) is ranked higher than the Bears.

I don’t care if the Patriots WERE a better team than the Bears; they’re not playing anymore. Hence, ranking them higher than the Bears is just ridiculous.

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