Advantage Bears? Week 3 officiating crew to handle NFC conference championship

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WSCR 670 The Score has reported that referee Terry McAulay’s crew will handle the duties for the NFC conference championship between the Bears and Packers this week.

If true, that’ll be the second time McAulay’s crew has done a Bears-Packers game this year. In the Bears’ 20-17 Monday night victory in Week 3, the Packers were flagged 18 times by McAulay’s crew, the most penalties in a single game in Packers franchise history.

That could be an advantage or disadvantage for the Bears in the following terms: it could be an advantage if the crew pays extra attention to Julius Peppers, who gets held more times than flags are thrown on a weekly basis. But it could be a disadvantage if the Packers complain to the league office and the league then warns the officiating crew to be more mindful of the balance of penalties regardless of what transpires on the field.

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