WR Davis planning player workouts

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My biggest concern about a prolonged NFL lockout has always been that it might cut into offseason team workouts and set back the Bears as they enter the 2011 season — assuming there is one. Granted, all NFL teams would be set back in their work, and those teams with new head coaches would particularly suffer.

The battle would then come down to which teams have players with enough motivation to work out on their own. Fortunately, the Bears do have several of those players.

According to the Chicago Tribune, wide receiver Rashied Davis, the Bears alternate player rep, is planning on organizing workouts at least twice a week until a new collective bargaining agreement is reached. He hopes to get quarterbacks and receivers together to work on routes and timing. The Allstate Arena, home of the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football League, is one possible destination for their workouts.

Hopefully there are other players on the team who have the same interest in keeping the other positions on the team finely tuned.

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