Gould confident labor deal will be reached

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Bears player representative Robbie Gould says he’s confident that “we’re not going to miss the season” and that there’s still hope that training camp will begin on time.

While I share his belief that the season will take place because there is too much on the line for both the owners and the players, I feel that unless there is a sudden change of heart from one side or the other, training camp — and possibly the preseason — will definitely be disrupted.

The two sides have found some common ground in order to continue having late-night talks, but if all that those talks are producing is further talks instead of results, then nothing will get done in the near future. As soon as we start hearing of concessions from either side, then we know a deal will be near.

In the meantime, I still hold out hope that we’ll see a full, 16-game regular season. The previous four months of the lockout — and the build-up that took place all last season — did not have me worried. However, if we come to the middle of August and the finish line isn’t in sight, then it’s time to panic.

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