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Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh is still angry about the Bears botching the two teams' April draft-day trade.
Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh is still angry about the Bears botching the two teams' April draft-day trade.

A look at Chicago Bears news and views for July 19, 2011, including what Olin Kreutz’s agent says it will take for the Bears to resign his client, Baltimore Ravens’ coach John Harbaugh’s reaction to April’s botched draft day trade when a Bears mistake caused the Ravens to run out of time, and optimistic signs from around the league that could mean the lockout will soon come to an end.

Olin Kreutz’s agent offers insight on three-day window
Tue Jul 19 15:57:15 2011
Whenever a new CBA is finalized, clubs are expected to get a three-day window to try and re-sign their own players. The …

Ravens’ Harbaugh won’t let sleeping Bears lie … about trade
Tue Jul 19 15:14:00 2011
Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh on Tuesday accused the Chicago Bears of lying about a failed trade during the first round …

Top Chicago Bears Defensive Ends
Tue Jul 19 15:12:09 2011
Since 1977, the Chicago Bears have had either feast or famine at the defensive end position. The early 1980’s produced two …

The Other New WCG Writer
Tue Jul 19 15:00:36 2011
Your friendly neighborhood new WCG writer signing on for the first time. Proceed behind the curtain for some background …

Vikings punter criticizes four plaintiffs representing players
Tue Jul 19 14:58:10 2011
Amid reports that four of the 10 plaintiffs may be serving themselves, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe blasted them for “being that …

The DeCon’s Fantasy Football Mock Draft v1.0
Tue Jul 19 14:57:11 2011
By now I hope you have all read my Fantasy Football Strategies in a Post-Lockout World rant. If you haven’t then you …

Tuesday in optimistic labor signs
Tue Jul 19 14:31:19 2011
It’s been a long, painful lockout. That’s why we’re not afraid to pass along the now-daily glimmers of hope …

Bears bracing for roster-filling frenzy
Tue Jul 19 14:08:00 2011
With NFL owners and players slowly working their way to the finish line on a new collective bargaining agreement that should …

Fantasy Too Early: Bear Down Edition!
Tue Jul 19 13:00:40 2011
No CBA yet? No problem, we got Bears on the brains anyway. No, really. I watched the @Vikings, Eagles, and Seattle games …

John Harbaugh says the Bears weren’t “ethical” on draft day
Tue Jul 19 12:38:07 2011
We thought the controversy about the Bears-Ravens draft snafu was over when we learned the league would not award the Ravens a …

Bears’ Moore keeps busy on basketball court
Tue Jul 19 12:20:00 2011
Some of the Chicago Bears spent their offseasons throwing passes and running routes on a high school field. Others were in the …

Turner starred on both sides of ball
Turner starred on both sides of ball

Trafton epitomized Bears’ toughness
Trafton epitomized Bears’ toughness

Eller says retired players won’t block NFL deal (AP)
Tue Jul 19 16:41:21 2011
Hall of Fame defensive end Carl Eller says he thinks a deal to end the NFL lockout will be reached this week — and that …

John Harbaugh crushes Bears over botched April trade (The National Football Post)
Tue Jul 19 13:15:15 2011
What’s done is not forgotten. Not when it comes to the botched trade the Chicago Bears tried to make with…

John Harbaugh still mad at Bears
Tue Jul 19 11:40:00 2011
Not a Bears fan In case you don’t remember, the Baltimore Ravens and the Chicago Bears aren’t exactly best friends these days. …

Free Agent Frenzy to Create Long-Term Issues
Tue Jul 19 10:34:27 2011

Bear Essentials: Harbaugh Rips Bears
Tue Jul 19 10:31:26 2011

Is Bears GM Jerry Angelo ready for cram session when lockout ends?
Tue Jul 19 10:24:22 2011
JOE COWLEY: We are an NFL-deprived society that needs its …

Harbaugh rips Bears for draft-day ‘mistake’
Tue Jul 19 09:51:27 2011
Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh heavily criticized the Chicago Bears’ front office on Tuesday for a botched draft-day …

Report: Packers told to report to work Saturday
Tue Jul 19 07:48:34 2011
Report: Packers told to report to work Saturday

Former Bears QB Jim McMahon injured in limo accident
Tue Jul 19 07:32:00 2011
RENO, Nev. — Former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon and …

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