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Bears running back Matt Forte is seeking a contract extension
Bears running back Matt Forte is seeking a contract extension

A look at Chicago Bears news and views for July 23, 2011, including what the Bears need to do when the lockout ends, Matt Forte seeking a contract extension, and the latest progress toward the ratification of a new CBA.

Pompei: How Bears can hit ground running after lockout ends
Sun Jul 24 02:00:00 2011
Priorities apparent but not much time to fulfill them before season beginsWhen the Bears finally wiggle out of their lockout …

Bears RB Matt Forte Seeking Contract Soon As Reward For Success
Sat Jul 23 22:06:45 2011
Bears running back Matt Forte is ranked fifth in the league in yards from scrimmage (4,731) since 2008, joined Walter Payton as …

For Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith, close isn’t enough in NFL saga
Sat Jul 23 21:23:47 2011
ATLANTA — Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith are the …

Forte seeking contract soon as reward for success
Sat Jul 23 20:21:00 2011
Bears running back’s numbers proof of enhanced worth under higher salary capMatt Forte doesn’t have to sell himself. His …

Lockout Developments: “Major Progress Reported”
Sat Jul 23 18:08:40 2011
I don’t know how many times in a four month span we can hear the words “Major Progress Reported,” and I’m …

Bears Chris Harris Making Pitch To Get Panthers Steve Smith To Chicago
Sat Jul 23 16:40:00 2011
Chicago Bears star Chris Harris might be in talks with Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver Steve Smith to land the Carolina star in …

2001-2010 All-Bears Team: Safety #1
Sat Jul 23 15:01:09 2011
Hard to believe that we only have four more polls until the defense is finished – one more linebacker, one more cornerback and …

Bears, rest of NFL can’t rush conditioning despite short camps
Sat Jul 23 02:08:58 2011
Perhaps never before will coaches and players feel a greater …

NFL Lockout: Circling the Runway Through the Weekend
Sat Jul 23 00:51:36 2011
Attention passengers of Flight 123 headed for the 2011 NFL Season, the tower has informed us that our runway is not yet …

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