Bears have Olsen on trading block

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The Bears are seeking a trade for tight end Greg Olsen for the second straight offseason.
The Bears are seeking a trade for tight end Greg Olsen for the second straight offseason.

Following the addition of offensive coordinator Mike Martz last year, tight end Greg Olsen’s name was the subject of trade rumors throughout the offseason. Martz’s offense never had prominently used the tight end position and Olsen reportedly was greatly concerned that he would not see much action. Some rumors stated that Olsen demanded a trade.

After the Bears failed to find a suitor for Olsen, they welcomed him back with open arms and put a spin on any questions regarding trade talk. Olsen, similarly, quelled any of the drama by stating he did not demand a trade and claimed some in the media were trying “to just make up stories for their own personal benefit.”

Now the drama and the spin are apparently beginning again.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Olsen’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, sent an e-mail to the league’s general managers — including Jerry Angelo — announcing that the Bears had granted Rosenhaus permission to seek a trade for Olsen.

Shortly thereafter, however, Rosenhaus sent another e-mail retracting his first one. “Please disregard my previous email regarding Greg Olsen,” the e-mail said.

Can you say, “spin control?”

It’s obvious that Rosenhaus had permission to seek a trade but just as clear that the Bears didn’t want it made public, so they attempted to do damage control.

Olsen had a decent season last year catching 41 passes for 404 yards and five touchdowns in Martz’s offense, but it’s apparent that the Bears still don’t feel they need that type of athlete at the tight end position and would prefer to get some value for him while they still can.

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