Bears Notebook: Health luck not rolling over from last year

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DT Anthony Adams is likely to miss a couple weeks with a calf injury.
DT Anthony Adams is likely to miss a couple weeks with a calf injury.

One of the most overshadowed facts from last season due to the fallout over Jay Cutler’s injury in the title game is how the Bears ended up in that position in the first place. The Bears managed to stay mostly healthy throughout the season without losing any key players. That allowed them to maintain continuity throughout the season and the playoffs.

This season, the Bears are not off to as fortunate a start as starting nose tackle Anthony Adams could miss a few weeks with a left calf muscle injury. He has been hobbling around in a walking boot, but Adams says that makes the injury look worse than it actually is.

“It’s kind of a day-to-day thing,” Adams said. “But the boot makes it looks like I got it amputated or something.”

Adams has been one of the most consistent defensive tackles on the roster for the past few years and his contributions will be needed this season. Hopefully the injury doesn’t keep him out too long so that he can get back into the swing of things.

Martz says Knox not ready for starting job

Johnny Knox led the Bears in receiving yards (960), and tied for the team lead in receptions (51) and touchdowns (5) in 2010.

Despite that production, offensive coordinator Mike Martz didn’t feel Knox was ready to be a starter.

“He just was not ready, not because he can’t do it or he’s not talented,” Martz said. “The preparation, the consistency that’s required … he does a lot of good things, but they have to be good all the time.”

Knox also led all receivers in the league last year with being targeted 11 times on interceptions. His inability — or maybe unwillingness — to switch to defensive back mode and try to knock the ball down may have been part of what Martz did not like.

The team signed Roy Williams prior to training camp and Williams — having been in Martz’s system before — was anointed a starter, taking Knox’s place. Knox clearly was unhappy with the move and rumors circulated that Knox might look elsewhere when he becomes a free agent.

Drake fires back at Chicago media in defense of Knox

One rumor that was created by the Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs was that Knox would seek a trade if he did not earn his starting job back. Biggs, who noted that he had heard this from a close source to Knox, tweeted the rumor to his follows and it reached Knox.

“If y’all think ima give up that easy y’all crazy!!!!!!” Knox posted to his Twitter account.

He later tweeted: “Ima put all that small talk to rest. Now tell @BradBiggs to tell my source to RT that!!!!!”

Knox called wide receivers coach Darryl Drake to let him know he had no idea where Biggs got that information and Drake responded in a heated exchanged with members of the media.

“‘I don’t even know where this crap comes from,” Drake said. “Johnny Knox never said one word. Nothing ever came out of his mouth. If you guys keep making this stuff up and bringing this stuff up, you’re going to deal with me and it ain’t going to be real nice.”

I’m not 100% convinced that Knox did not tell an anonymous source close to him that he might demand a trade. In fact, it might be a good possibility that he did so. He was upset about losing his starting job and he was probably venting. His source then might have went behind his back and told Biggs, who wanted to be a Woodword and Bernstein and break the story.

Still, even if Knox has thought about requesting a trade, he never actually did and the media should have left it as that.

Jay Cutler talks with the The Score

This morning on the Mully & Hanley show on WSCR 670 The Score, Jay Cutler sat down to discuss a variety of topics.

One of the most interesting things he talked about was how he felt — and freely admitted — that the offense didn’t do its job last year. He said the defense was a Super Bowl defense and the offense let them down.

“If I was the defense, I’d be so mad at the offense,” Cutler said. “I mean, I wouldn’t be able to even look at us. Looking at the film it was embarrassing, I was watching it with Mike [Martz], and I don’t even know how we won games.”

Cutler also admitted that Olin Kreutz was an intimidating presence in the locker room, he talked about his expectations for this season, and he discussed how he dealt with the criticism he received after the NFC championship game and how he dealt with being the center of attention throughout his relationship — and breakup — with Kristin Cavallari.

You can read more, and listen to the interview, here.

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