Briggs seeking more money

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Bears linebacker Lance Briggs joined running back Matt Forte this offseason in seeking a new contract, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Tribune reporter Vaughn McClure writes that “Briggs confirmed to the Tribune that he recently approached the Bears about a pay raise.”

My stance on Briggs is the same one I’ve preached regarding Forte: that he’s certainly outplayed his contract and deserves more money, but he’s still under contract and has an obligation to fulfill it.

Briggs is 30 and has three years left on the deal he forced out of the Bears in a contentious standoff in 2007 where he said he couldn’t see himself ever playing for the Bears again.

Brian Urlacher was given a courtesy extension in 2008 for the amount of work he did for the Bears and I expect the organization to do the same for Briggs. But my advice to Briggs in the meantime is to keep his mouth shut and don’t complain about a deal on which he agreed in the first place.

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