“It was a great throw and a great catch. That is a little dead spot in Cover-2, the coverage we play, and [Josh Freeman] found it. He threw a laser in there. Touchdown. Me and [Charles Tillman] are both responsible for that and it’s a little dead spot, like 15 to 18 yards that’s kind of the hole there.”

-Bears safety Chris Harris explaining what happened on the fourth-quarter touchdown he gave up against the Buccaneers that made it a three-point game.

If you were Lovie Smith and there was a flaw in your defense that the offense could exploit, as Harris suggests, wouldn’t you want to fix the problem?

Time to bring out my inner-nerd here…

Harris’ explanation of the play sounds an awful lot like the plot of the original Star Wars. He’s talking about a little hole, a flaw in the way the defense is built, and how the Bears’ Death Star can be blown up if the Rebel Alliance “throws a laser” through the hole, just like Freeman (or Luke Skywalker, if you will) did to them on Sunday.

…okay, back to football…

FIX IT! You don’t just accept a flaw in the scheme and say, “Oh, well, that’s just the way it is.” It’s no wonder that good quarterbacks shred the defense up and down the field.