Logic couldn’t be any simpler that Suh, Lions are dirty

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In the aftermath of the Bears’ 37-13 trouncing of the Detroit Lions in which hard hits and cheap shots were prevalent all throughout the game, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh defended his and his team’s style of play, defiantly denying charges that he or any of his teammates are dirty.

In an interview with ESPN, Suh claims that ripping an opponent’s helmet off, as he did to Jay Cutler early in Sunday’s game, is “part of the game” and that he’s not going to change the way he plays.

I don’t know how much more clear the evidence can be that the Lions are a dirty team, led by a conniving little coach who refuses to admonish his team for committing penalties and encourages dirty play.

Follow this simple logic:

  • Being penalized for “unsportsmanlike conduct” in an NFL game is committing an act that is illegal and against league rules.
  • Unsportsmanlike is a synonym for dirty.
  • By committing an illegal act, you’re committing a dirty one.

Unsportsmanlike conduct acts are clear violations of the rules because they are considered dirty and “unsportsmanlike”… hence the name of the penalty.

Perhaps the most indicting evidence of dirty play by the Lions — Suh, in particular — is the refusal to stop committing such acts on the football field despite receiving penalties and fines.

“I like to punish the quarterback,” Suh told ESPN. “I like to punish running backs for them trying to make plays on my defense. Whether it’s dirty or aggressive or whatever that may be, we’re going to continue to play that way and make sure we stand up and make sure teams don’t run over us.”

Here’s some more logic:

  • Fines are levied for, among other things, dirty/unsportsmanlike actions.
  • Suh has been fined for unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.
  • Suh refuses to stop doing such acts.

Saying that you’re not going to quit committing dirty acts, that which you have been fined and penalized for, makes you a dirty player.

Anybody who cannot follow this simple logic probably has a Neanderthal gene in them that brings out their most primitive emotions and clouds their judgment.

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