Bears-Packers prop picks (12.25.11)

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Blah... might I recommend we all leave our TVs off and spend more time with family and friends on Christmas night?
Blah... might I recommend we all leave our TVs off and spend more time with family and friends on Christmas night?

Here is a look at hypothetical propositional wagers between the Bears and Packers.

First team to score

Packers. I don’t think there’s any question on this one. Unless the Bears receive the opening kickoff and somehow manage to drive the ball into field goal range with Josh McCown at the helm, I don’t see how they put points on the board first.

First Bears player to score

Robbie Gould. Gould is destined to have a big game, that is if the Bears can move the ball into field goal range often. McCown can’t possibly be a worse quarterback than Hanie has been over the last four games, can he?

First Bears player to catch a pass

Kahlil Bell. Last week it was Bell who led the team in rushing and receptions. With McCown under center, he will look for a safe pass early on.

Bears player to catch most passes

Kahlil Bell. Bell led the team with five receptions last week and I expect him to have a big role in the passing game this week, too. The Packers pass defense is ranked 31st in the league, but with how bad the Bears offense is, I don’t know if they can capitalize by throwing the ball to their receivers downfield.

More passing yards – Josh McCown or Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers. Next question.

More touchdown passes or interceptions by Josh McCown

Interceptions. Who knows? Maybe McCown surprises us and leads the Bears on a couple touchdown drives and doesn’t throw a single interception. Then again, maybe I have a chance of stealing Kristin Cavallari away from Jay Cutler. McCown threw two passes last week in mop-up duty, one of which was an interception.

Josh McCown sacks

4. The Packers don’t have a strong pass rush this year and are only averaging 1.9 sacks per game. But this is the Bears’ offensive line we’re talking about and a new quarterback under center.

More rushing yards – Bears or Packers

Bears. I’m taking the Bears here only because stopping the run is what the Bears defense is best at and Rodgers will carve them up through the air. Meanwhile, the Bears offense probably will have to resort to running the ball 35 times, unless they get too far behind on the scoreboard early.

Team to win the turnover battle

Packers. Rodgers is as careful with the football as any quarterback in the league, throwing just six interceptions compared to 40 touchdowns. Unless his receivers or running backs have a case of fumbilitis, Green Bay should win the turnover battle.

Total points scored

40. I’m probably putting a little bit too much faith in the Bears offense to score some points here, but I know Green Bay will more than make up their fair share of the high scoring.

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