Joe Webb, the Greased-up Deaf Guy

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I tweeted about this during the game and posted it on Facebook, but for those who don’t follow me on either, I thought I’d share it on this site, too.

Vikings backup quarterback Joe Webb made the Bears defense look ridiculous on several plays during the game because he was so elusive. Sometimes, Bears defenders would run past him, other times he would get rid of the ball before going down for a sack. And on two occasions, once by Julius Peppers and another by Chauncey Davis, they had Webb within their grasp for an apparent sack, but Webb slipped free.

Here are a few photos to remind you:

The whole circus-like atmosphere of trying to chase down Webb reminded me of the Greased-up Deaf Guy from Family Guy. For those who watch Family Guy, you’ll know what I mean. For those who don’t, just watch and enjoy.

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