According to Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune, Jay Cutler’s former quarterbacks coach in Denver, Jeremy Bates, will not be interviewed for the available passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach position with the Bears.

The Bears requested to interview Bates two years ago for their offensive coordinator position, but Bates declined and instead joined Pete Carroll in Seattle.

According to McClure, Bates’ decision “apparently rubbed the Bears the wrong way.”

I’ve got news for McClure and the Bears: the decision to not interview Bates will rub Bears fans the wrong way, for the fan base surely wants Cutler to get what he wants.

McClure also writes in the article that “the relationship between Cutler and Bates has been overstated, according to [a] source.”

I’m not so sure that’s true, either. Cutler recently was asked via Twitter when he and Bates were going to get back together, to which Cutler tweeted: “Great guy and a great coach.”

Cutler’s tweet drew this response from country singer David Nail: “That was his way of saying I hope soon!” Cutler then responded: “Not only can he sing but he’s pretty smart too!”

Was Cutler being serious in these exchanges? I’ll let you decide. But I’m not so sure that Cutler’s and Bates’ relationship was “overstated.” I’m pretty sure Cutler would have liked Bates as his passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach, and for the Bears to not even interview him because they feel snubbed by him from two years ago, that’s a mistake for a team that should be doing its due diligence.