The Bears Beat (02.01.12): Emery outlines types of players he’s seeking

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New Bears general manager Phil Emery outlined what types of players he is seeking to add to the roster. The Bears have definitively declared that they do not intend to allow running back Matt Forte to hit the open market. And former No. 1 overall draft pick, New York Giants backup quarterback David Carr, suggests the Bears should invest in a quality backup quarterback.

Emery seeks tough, dynamic playmakers
Wed Feb 1 16:02:00 2012

Chicago Bears Won’t Allow Matt Forte to Hit Open Market: Fan’s Take (Yahoo! Contributor Network)
Wed Feb 1 13:43:00 2012
I suppose it’s not any kind of surprising to hear the Chicago Bears’ brass say they won’t allow Matt Forte to hit the open …

Chiefs OC Muir announces retirement (The National Football Post)
Wed Feb 1 13:23:00 2012
Veteran coach Bill Muir announced his retirement as the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator on Wednesday…

Poll: New Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery
Wed Feb 1 12:57:27 2012
This poll asks one simple question; Did you like the Phil Emery hire? We’re not asking if you think he’ll do a …

Carr to Bears: Invest in proven backup QB
Wed Feb 1 12:55:47 2012
INDIANAPOLIS — David Carr has some advice for the Chicago Bears: Spend money to sign a proven, veteran No. 2 quarterback in …

Is Another Football Team Coming to Chicago?
Wed Feb 1 12:49:57 2012
Clipped from: (share this clip) You have to consider the source, but according to this exclusive Deadspin post a …

Emery believes that continuity is crucial
Wed Feb 1 11:39:00 2012
It’s easy to understand why new general manager Phil Emery feels that continuity is the biggest difference between today’s …

If I Ran The Chicago Bears…
Wed Feb 1 11:27:29 2012
It has been a long time coming, but yes, I finally own the Chicago Bears. I simply could not stand idly by as the old front …

Weatherford happy he landed with Giants
Wed Feb 1 09:55:15 2012
INDIANAPOLIS — When it became evident last offseason the Chicago Bears were prepared to move on without veteran punter Brad …

Report: Chiefs squelched Bears’ interest in QB coach Zorn
Wed Feb 1 09:11:09 2012
The Chicago Bears wanted to interview Jim Zorn regarding their quarterbacks coach position but the Kansas City Chiefs would not …

What’s Emery’s take on Forte situation?
Wed Feb 1 09:02:07 2012

Lance Briggs for Osi Umenyiora Trade Rumor
Wed Feb 1 07:41:00 2012
Clipped from: (share this clip) There was a little spark in the preseason and a slowly but quietly burning …

Phillips feels Emery will set the bar high
Wed Feb 1 07:02:32 2012

The Bears Den: February 1, 2012
Wed Feb 1 07:02:06 2012
“…where we’ll give you a standing boo.” Bears intrigued with Emery from the start Mayer: The depth of Phil Emery’s plan to …

Tag You’re It: Matt Forte to Remain a Bear
Wed Feb 1 07:00:17 2012
After a season of speculation as to the future of Chicago Bears star running back Matt Forte an answer has emerged. The Bears …

Getting to Know New Bears General Manager Phil Emery
Wed Feb 1 06:04:36 2012
Reading through the comments in yesterday’s Emery announcement thread, I get the impression that Phil Emery – who I’ve confused …

MARK POTASH ON THE BEARS;Age isn’t issue for Urlacher;Linebacker has been rejuvenated on the field,
Wed Feb 1 05:27:41 2012
BEARS AT PACKERS Time: 7:20 p.m. Sunday at Lambeau Field. TV: Ch. 5 (Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Andrea Kremer). Radio: …

Hold it! Just swap right there;Why Umenyiora for Briggs makes a ton of sense
Wed Feb 1 05:27:27 2012
INDIANAPOLIS – Before the 2011 season, two-time All-Pro defensive end Osi Umenyiora asked the New York Giants to choose between …

SUPER BOWL IN BRIEF;Bears spared Giants, Pats
Wed Feb 1 05:27:21 2012
INDIANAPOLIS – A day after the Bears introduced Phil Emery as their general manager, executives from the two Super Bowl teams …

Bears spared Giants, Pats by picking Phil Emery as GM
Wed Feb 1 02:10:09 2012
INDIANAPOLIS — A day after the Bears introduced …

Welcome to Indianapolis, Center of Football Universe
Wed Feb 1 00:18:36 2012
The football universe has descended on Indianapolis, where it will reside for the next couple of months. Starting this week, …

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