The Bears Beat (02.06.12): Would Bears have interest in Manningham?

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Would the Bears have any interest in Super Bowl champion and unrestricted free agent wide receiver Mario Manningham? Former Bears defensive end Mark Anderson loses his second Super Bowl. And what the Bears can learn from the Giants’ run to a championship.

Manningham a good catch for Bears?
Mon Feb 6 10:07:57 2012
INDIANAPOLIS — Make sure to add New York Giants’ Super Bowl hero Mario Manningham to the notable list of unrestricted free …

What the Bears need in a receiver
Mon Feb 6 11:01:01 2012
I am sure that there is no doubt about the Bears biggest need on the offensive side of the ball is anymore. Sure …

Super Bowl offers Bears a plan
Mon Feb 6 11:00:00 2012
I presume that the Bears’ new so-called general manager watched the Super Bowl, as the Bears traditionally have done for …

Ex-Bear Anderson denied a ring again
Mon Feb 6 10:01:39 2012
INDIANAPOLIS — The New York Giants’ 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI marked the second time Mark …

Super Bowl XLVI sets TV viewership record (Yahoo! Sports)
Mon Feb 6 17:10:15 2012
Super Bowl XLVI on NBC was seen by a total audience of 166.7 million viewers, making it the most-watched show in the history of …

Win Free Tickets to the Chicago Auto Show
Mon Feb 6 16:15:26 2012
Win Free Tickets to the Chicago Auto Show Want to meet Anthony Adams and DJ Moore? They’ll be at the Chicago Auto Show, and …

Voters select Forte’s TD run best of best
Mon Feb 6 15:05:00 2012

Thoughts From NFL Super Bowl Edition
Mon Feb 6 15:00:08 2012
All hail Pete Dixon and his playoff predictions!!! Pete finished at 8-3, just edging out David Taylor for the WCG …

McShay sees Bears drafting Baylor WR
Mon Feb 6 12:21:00 2012
In his latest mock draft, ESPN analyst Todd McShay is predicting that the Bears will select Baylor wide receiver Kendall …

For the gambler in you (post SB edition)
Mon Feb 6 12:20:03 2012
For the gambler in you (post SB edition)

Lessons for the Chicago Bears from Super Bowl XLVI
Mon Feb 6 08:44:36 2012
I really hope the Chicago Bears organization watched the Super Bowl closely. The bar is now set for what this organization …

Offseason position preview: Quarterback
Mon Feb 6 08:17:04 2012
This is the first installment of a 10-part series that reviews every Bears position group on offense and defense, while also …

Dilfer sees Cutler as more than capable
Mon Feb 6 07:02:03 2012

M.I.A. flips the bird during halftime show; NBC apologizes
Mon Feb 6 06:37:00 2012
For all the pomp and excess of Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime extravaganza a single extended middle finger by guest singer …

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