Bears president Ted Phillips says the Bears have made a “strong offer” to running back Matt Forte that offers fair compensation comparatively to his worth to the team. The defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants will host the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL season-opener this year. And Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy says the Bears have “definitely” gotten better this offseason.

Ted Phillips says Bears made ‘strong offer’ to Matt Forte
Tue Mar 27 13:08:32 2012
PALM BEACH, Fla. — Team president and CEO Ted …

Chicago Bears’ President Ted Phillips Chimes in on Forte Contract Status
Tue Mar 27 13:02:52 2012
The Tribune’s Dan Pompei caught up with Chicago Bears president Ted Phillips who is down in south Florida for the NFL …

Official WCG Mock Draft – Pick #11: Kansas City Chiefs
Tue Mar 27 17:00:30 2012
Earlier today we posted the Bills pick as made by Acreman20, and we’ll keep the draft train chugging along with the 11th pick …

Vikings re-sign Erin Henderson, sign Bowman (The Canadian Press)
Tue Mar 27 15:56:11 2012
MINNEAPOLIS – The Minnesota Vikings have re-signed linebacker Erin Henderson to a one-year deal and signed former Chicago Bears …

Giants to host Cowboys in NFL season opener
Tue Mar 27 15:37:00 2012
NEW YORK — The Super Bowl champion New York Giants will welcome the Dallas Cowboys to MetLife Stadium in the 2012 …

Febearary Fever – Yogi vs Gummi Bears
Tue Mar 27 15:00:31 2012
The other semifinal for Febearary Fever is here! And there was much rejoicing throughout the blog. #1 seed Yogi the bear …

Matt Forte Reportedly Has Long-Term Offer on the Table: Fan’s Take (Yahoo! Contributor Network)
Tue Mar 27 14:19:00 2012
In an offseason that has been filled with excitement for the Chicago Bears, the status of Matt Forte has been the one damper on …

Chicago Bears Extend “Strong Offer” to Matt Forte
Tue Mar 27 14:04:37 2012
Matt Forte, courtesy GraphicsHunt The Matt Forte and Chicago Bears drama has moved to the next act. Forte took a one-year deal …

Marshall is raising awareness for BPD
Tue Mar 27 13:44:00 2012
Football isn’t the only thing that Brandon Marshall is passionate about.

Ten players worth exactly as much as Tim Tebow (Yahoo! Sports)
Tue Mar 27 13:22:00 2012
Evaluating football players is an inherently subjective undertaking, and never more so than when Tim Tebow is…

Gallery: Devin Hester’s crazy Jordan collection
Tue Mar 27 13:17:48 2012
Chicago Bears’ wide receiver/punt return specialist, Devin Hester, recently released photos from his twitter account of his …

Chicago Bears 2012 Draft Order Finalized
Tue Mar 27 13:00:32 2012
It appears that the draft days that David Taylor so gloriously documented for us are over. The NFL announced the full draft …

Bear Goggles On Reader’s Mock Draft: Pick #2 Washington Redskins on the Clock
Tue Mar 27 12:44:26 2012
The Colts’ selections of the Andrew Luck was not the overwhelming landslide that I thought it might be, but it now moves …

Marshall’s battle vs. personality disorder
Tue Mar 27 11:59:00 2012
New Bears receiver Brandon Marshall details his lifelong struggle to control his personality disorder. We also discuss backup …

Agent: Johnny Knox aims to play in ’12
Tue Mar 27 10:46:32 2012
PALM BEACH, Fla. — As Johnny Knox continues his …

Notebook: Ball in Forte’s court
Tue Mar 27 09:37:10 2012

Packers coach on Marshall joining Bears: ‘They definitely got better’
Tue Mar 27 09:34:00 2012
PALM BEACH, Fla. — Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has been watching the Chicago Bears’ offseason moves with …

Saints’ Payton addresses Parcells, possible appeal
Tue Mar 27 09:11:00 2012
New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, making his first public comments since the NFL announced his one-year suspension in …

Bears’ draft order set for all seven rounds
Tue Mar 27 08:59:54 2012
The NFL announced entire the seven-round draft order on Tuesday, and the Chicago Bears own seven picks and weren’t awarded any …

Marshall’s battle vs. personality disorder
Tue Mar 27 08:37:02 2012

Payton made Bears’ 1975 draft special
Tue Mar 27 08:03:03 2012

Agent: Johnny Knox aims to play in ���12
Tue Mar 27 08:03:02 2012

“Bountygate” players to be punished soon
Tue Mar 27 06:33:25 2012

Marshall details battle against personality disorder
Tue Mar 27 04:03:51 2012
Brandon Marshall to stay the course he says has helped him better cope with his Borderline Personality Disorder off the …