The Bears Beat (06.25.12): Getting to know the real Brandon Marshall

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A piece by the Chicago Tribune’s Jared Hopkins about how Brandon Marshall grew up and what he’s like off the field, how important a role Marshall will play in the 2012 offense, and Marshall’s comments about never having a good position coach.

How I spent a few days with Brandon Marshall (and why we did that to profile him)
Mon Jun 25 15:40:00 2012
Reporters regularly write profiles of individuals — often famous politicians, newsworthy people or folks who have something …

Greatest Chicago Bears Seasons: Erik Kramer 1995
Mon Jun 25 15:00:11 2012
Here we are smack dab in the middle of the football doldrums. We’re still more than a month away from the Bears opening up …

Brandon Marshall: The key to Jay Cutler’s ignition
Mon Jun 25 13:46:53 2012
The Chicago Bears had arguably the worst corps of receivers in the NFL last season. Even after missing four games, Matt Forte …

Can We All Please Leave Brandon Marshall Alone???
Mon Jun 25 13:37:02 2012
We’re drawn to him like moths to a flame. I know that a top flight, legitimate #1 wide receiver is as rare in Chicago as …

Brandon Marshall says he’s never had a good position coach in the NFL
Mon Jun 25 13:23:57 2012
Getty Images Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall told the Chicago Tribune that he’s never had a good wide receivers …

Forte Saying The Right Things; Still Won’t Get Deal That He Wants
Mon Jun 25 13:00:18 2012
You may have seen it in the Den this morning, but Matt Forte recently talked to CSNChicago about his contract …

Brandon Marshall Says He’s Hasn’t Had a Good Receivers Coach in the NFL: Fan’s Take (Yahoo! Contributor Network)
Mon Jun 25 11:58:00 2012
It’s really too bad just how many times I hear something an NFL player says and my first response is; “Why did he have to say …

Is Bears’ Matt Forte as good as he thinks he is?
Mon Jun 25 11:54:00 2012
JOE COWLEY: Matt Forte thinks he’s an elite running back in …

Two Bears Among NFL’s Biggest Jerks (According to Mike Freeman)
Mon Jun 25 11:02:01 2012
It’s no secret that there are some Bears players that other teams’ fans and/or the media and/or other players don’t …

Video series shows first NFL practice
Mon Jun 25 10:58:00 2012

Al ‘Bubba’ Baker saw nothing wrong with Ndamukong Suh (National Football Post)
Mon Jun 25 10:20:12 2012
Former Lions great says stomping didn’t happen

Bears’ Matt Forte is an Elite Fantasy Running Back.
Mon Jun 25 09:22:22 2012
Matt Forte is an elite fantasy running back. For some reason when discussing the elite running backs in PPR fantasy football …

Brandon Marshall: I haven’t had good receivers coach
Mon Jun 25 08:41:00 2012
There’s no denying Brandon Marshall’s natural football ability. But it might come as a surprise that the Bears receiver claims …

Corety Wootton ready to break out
Mon Jun 25 08:39:24 2012

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