Tebow ranked higher than Cutler by their peers

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The NFL Network released a list of the Top 100 players of 2012 as voted on by NFL players.

Considering it was players who did the voting, the whole list is a farce to begin with. Allowing players to vote on their peers is like letting kids in school elect their class president. It’s a popularity contest, and the results of this particular list prove that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler still remains unpopular among his peers.

Cutler not only did not make the list, but he was passed over for Tim Tebow, a good football player but an atrocious quarterback who is now a backup with the New York Jets. Tebow finished No. 95.

Cutler is capable of playing with a chip on his shoulder — some say it’s when he’s at his best — and with new weapons in his arsenal this season, don’t be surprised to see some fireworks between the lines.

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