Reports: Urlacher had multiple knee surgeries this offseason

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According to multiple reports, Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher had at least two knee surgeries during the offseason, one immediately after the regular season ended and another during the spring.

If true, it would add extra concern to the already precarious saga surrounding the veteran. The report is particularly perplexing because Urlacher is on record having said he’s never had a knee procedure done in his life prior to this week.

If the knee scope that Urlacher had done earlier this week was truly the first procedure on his knee, it would be an easier pill to swallow considering he chose not to get the knee operated on after the regular season ended.

However, if the scope was yet another operation in a string of them this offseason, it could mean Urlacher is having trouble recovering at his advanced age and might not ever be the same again, possibly missing parts, if not significant time this season.

It’s not quite time to panic, but the concern continues to grow.

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