Here is a look at hypothetical propositional wagers between the Bears and Titans.

First team to score

Titans. The Titans aren’t exactly a bad team and the Bears have had trouble scoring early points all season. This game being played in Tennessee also helps the home team score first here.

First Bears player to score

Robbie Gould. At some point we would hope that the Bears stop this trend of coming out of the gates flat and uninspired. You can technically call last week’s game against the Panthers a good start with Matt Forte’s early rushing success and touchdown, but it was short-lived. It seems logical Gould will put up the first three Bears points.

More touchdowns or field goals for the Bears

Field Goals. I expect the Bears to get just enough to squeak by with a victory on the road and it’ll come from the foot of Gould.

Number of catches by Brandon Marshall

6. At some point in the game — as history would seem to indicate — the Bears will turn to the air whether they are having success running the ball or not. Most likely under heavy pressure, Cutler will turn to Marshall to force him the ball.

More touchdown passes or interceptions by Jay Cutler

Interceptions. I almost went with “push” again because I expect a touchdown and interception apiece for Cutler, but on the road his risk-taking and questionable throws seem to take on a life of their own.

Jay Cutler sacks

3. I thought the Bears would protect Cutler much better last week against a Panthers team not as strong up front as the Lions were the week before, but the blocking woes continue. The offensive line hasn’t played too well on the road and I would expect more pressure on Cutler despite facing the team with the fourth-fewest sacks in the league.

More passing yards – Jay Cutler or Matt Hasselbeck

Jay Cutler. The Bears will take to the air in the second half of the game either trying to stretch their minimal lead or by playing from behind.

More rushing yards – Bears or Titans

Titans. The Bears may have held Chris Johnson to just 8 yards on 14 carries four years ago, but the Titans running back is playing really well as of late and all it takes is just one small seam for him to put up huge numbers.

Total rushing yards for Bears

95. As frustrating as it is, the Bears will not stay committed to the run game. I see another situation in which the offense throws a lot either by choice or by necessity.

Bears run-to-pass ratio

30 run-to-38 pass. See above explanation for further details, but in a close game on the road where they need to generate more points, I see Cutler dropping back to pass more often than not.

Team to win the turnover battle

Bears. Even with the three Cutler turnovers last week, the Bears still rank No. 3 in the league in turnover ratio and it’s hard to pick against them.

Total points scored

43. Should be a tight, mid-range scoring battle in this one with more field goals than touchdowns.