Bears hire Marc Trestman to be next head coach

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The Bears hired former Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman to be their next head coach.
The Bears hired former Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman to be their next head coach.

The Bears broke news overnight when they agreed to terms with Marc Trestman to be the team’s 14th head coach in franchise history.

Early indications are that the Bears went an unconventional, yet strategically smart route in hiring their guy.

NFL teams have been trending towards hiring young, up-and-coming offensive coordinators to to take the reins of their teams and lead them into this new offensive- and passing-driven league. And while the Bears did bring in a handful of young candidates, they ultimately chose to go with experience over potential in hiring the 57-year-old Trestman, who has an innovative offensive mind and is considered an incredibly smart coach.

Although Trestman has never been a head coach in the NFL and his most recent position was as coach of the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League, he’s had a long and successful career as an NFL assistant and has made an impact on such noteworthy quarterbacks as 49ers Hall of Famer Steve Young in 1995-96, and former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon, who became league MVP in 2002 with Trestman as his offensive coordinator en route to a Super Bowl XXXVII appearance.

Since the hiring was announced, there have been nothing but positive and glowing reviews about Trestman from league-wide personnel and members of the media. Some have called it a “bold move” that could pay off big time, while others have said it was a smart hire. Some Bears players, such as Brandon Marshall, tweeted how they looked forward to working with Trestman and were excited by what they had learned about the guy.

Perhaps what is most exciting is the fact that Trestman has been known to clean up quarterback mechanics and get the absolute most out of that position — the most important position not only in football but all of sports. Jay Cutler long has been known as one of the most physically-gifted quarterbacks in the NFL but his decision making and mechanics have broken down all too often.

It’s possible that with Trestman working with Cutler and the team moving toward establishing an offensive identity, and with Phil Emery going into his second offseason with a chance to add more weapons around Cutler, that the Bears might look like a completely different team in a short period of time. We might finally see the full potential of Cutler without him being stifled by the shortcomings around him.

Obviously, no one knows for sure what kind of NFL head coach Trestman will be. But today is surely a day for optimism in Bear Nation.

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