Emery, Trestman appear to be good match

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There is no guarantee that a general manager of a professional sports organization, particularly in the NFL where tolerance for slow turnaround is low, will get more than one chance at hiring the right head coach for the ball club.

Former Bears GM Jerry Angelo had 11 seasons on the job and even he only got to hire one coach in that span.

So, the precision with which current GM Phil Emery used in interviewing more than a dozen head coaching candidates (some public, some private) in a two-week span was to be expected. After all, if this is to be Emery’s only head coach hire, he will want it to be someone with whom he can work closely and share a similar vision. And when the dust settled, Emery appears to have hired a man as cerebral and meticulous as himself in Marc Trestman.

And they have some pretty similar eyewear, too. It could very well be a match made in heaven.

Listening to the passion with which Emery spoke while introducing Trestman at the press conference Thursday, you could tell Emery was excited about his hire. The two men share a similar vision in improving the team’s offense, bringing in the proper players to do the job, and surrounding those players with knowledgeable coaches who can teach and develop them. Everything they do will be thorough and precise and they will leave nothing unexplored.

Cynics and skeptics of the Trestman hire will immediately nitpick the coach’s performance at the press conference. They’ll point out how he looked more like a scholarly bookworm than an NFL head coach. They’ll say how he didn’t look comfortable in the spotlight. They’ll pounce on the numerous stutters and slips of the tongue during his speech and in his answers to reporters’ questions.

None of that matters when the Bears take the field in September 2013. What matters is how Trestman performs on the sideline on game days, and also how he develops his players throughout the calendar year.

Some people will question Trestman’s ability to transition success from a different league with different rules to a better product in the USA. They’ll wonder how a guy who has been out of the NFL for so long can possibly adapt to today’s changed game. These are questions we can’t answer until we actually see the Trestman-led Bears play for the first time, but I can say that this is a coach who has adapted his offensive scheme in the past to the personnel he’s had, and a man who vows to do the same with the Bears.

Emery should have earned your trust up to this point of his tenure as Bears general manager. Or, if you’re more of a skeptic or cautious person, you should at least have no reason to increase your doubt that he knows what he’s doing. Emery is a guy who can spot out talent and he’s a guy who believes in acquiring playmakers, something his predecessor, Angelo, was less concerned with. As such, we should have faith that he’ll go out and get Trestman the pieces he needs to turn around the Bears offense. And then Trestman will find the best ways to use whatever players he has to work with.

If nothing else, you know the two cerebral and meticulous men in charge of the product on the field will leave no stone unturned, no avenue not traveled, and no idea left undeveloped.

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