Last year, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco played out the final year of his contract in hopes of getting a bigger pay day than the the team was offering him before the season began. Flacco rolled the dice, so to speak, and the gamble paid off as he helped lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory and earned him a 6-year, $120.6 million deal.

Nevermind that Flacco is now extraordinarily overpaid and the Ravens are in big trouble trying to dish out money to other players necessary to help them win another Super Bowl over these next six years. The point is, the Ravens have that championship and Ravens ownership is happy.

Bears chairman George McCaskey feels the same way about Jay Cutler’s situation.

In an interview with “The Carmen & Jurko Show” on ESPN Chicago 1000, McCaskey said: “If Jay Cutler has a Joe Flacco year and wins the Super Bowl and has that kind of leverage going into contract negotiations next year, that would be just fine with me.”

A Bears Super Bowl would be a wonderful gift, to be sure. But is it worth making the team cap-strapped for the duration of Cutler’s next contract? My vote is yes, considering I feel the Bears will be in rebuilding mode after this year, anyway, as they have a lot of players with expiring contracts after this season and an aging defense that will have to get younger.

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