Cutler doesn’t see need to force-feed other receivers

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A lot of pundits make a habit of pointing out how often Jay Cutler targets Brandon Marshall with the football. In Thursday’s preseason game against the Chargers, for instance, the ESPN crew mentioned that last year, of Cutler’s 255 completions, 118 were caught by Marshall — about 46%.

When Cutler was asked Tuesday if spreading the ball around to other receivers would be on his mind in this week’s game against the Raiders, Cutler responded simply: “It will not.”

I don’t see the need to fret about having a one-man offense. Sure, Marshall’s offseason hip surgery came about after what he says was possible overuse last year. That’ll always be a concern. But other than that, are we concerned about what the Bears will do if opposing defenses start focusing their whole game plan around taking Marshall out of the equation? Many teams have tried and most have failed.

For years, Bears fans have lamented how they’ve never had a big-play, “No. 1” receiver. Now they have him and Cutler is putting him to use. The fact that Marshall and Cutler have a rapport that few other quarterback-receiver combos in the league possess only sweetens the deal.

The Bears have even more weapons this year than they did last year and they’ll be able to spread the ball around — when the time comes for it and when head coach Marc Trestman installs a game plan for it. But even if Cutler deviates from the game plan and goes to Marshall more than the team would like, as long as Marshall hauls in the passes for positive gain and it leads to Bears victories, what’s the biggest concern?

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